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Projects & Tools

DigitalNations run a series of goodwill and sponsored projects to assist organisations build lasting digital skills and navigate the world of digitisation and cyber security.  You can be an important partner in one or more of our projects.

Security Compass 

More and more companies are affected by cybercrime. All types of companies are exposed - regardless of size or industry. This Security Compass provides an overview of weaknesses in your IT security processes and gives targeted guidance on how to reduce risk. Good IT security is good business.  

Do you want to be promoted as a sponsor of the Security Compass? Contact us here for more information on Security Compass.

GDPR Guide 

You can become a sponsor of this holistic guide explaining the steps towards becoming compliant with GDPR - and the opportunities arising after 25th May 2018. There are a lot of booklets on GDPR out there, ours takes a pragmatic approach to the new regulation and incorporates experiences from Companies having worked successfully with GDPR for a while. The deliverables are: e-book, printed book, publication in leading Danish daily, upload of content into daily's online universe, thought leader landing page and events. Contact us here for more information on GDPR Guide.

GDPR Compass

Designed specifically for small and medium sized companies, DigitalNations’ GDPR Compass will teach you the basics of the new regulation, identify the gaps based on your organisation’s profile and guide you in what you need to get right to succeed. Contact us here for more information on GDPR Compass.


Unlike their parents, the new generation is born digital. Although they seem to master digital media, they are often unaware of the dangers and pitfalls of the online world. Tailored to children and teenagers, DigitalNatives is a fun, intuitive and modern way for new ‘digitals’ to learn how to protect their digital lifes, how to avoid cyber bullying, protect themselves from hackers, fraud, malware and many other things. Read more here.