Cyber Hygiene Bootcamp



Purpose of the Bootcamp

  • Understand, evaluate and prioritise security risks relevant to your organisation  
  • Develop a practical action plan for good cyber hygiene in your organisation

  • Understand and control basic technical, process and human security controls  

Our Cyberhygiene Bootcamp is for key employees and responsible executives who work with or are involved in the company's IT security. And that is not limited to security professionals! It may be IT executives, system administrators, project managers and other key people having the organization's IT security close to their hearts and prefering a pragmatic, realistic and solution-oriented approach to cyber security.  

This Cyberhygiene Bootcamp is headed up by Jørgen Papadopoulos and Rasmus Theede, including visiting guest speakers.

Jørgen Papadopoulos is a senior consultant and manager of Risk & Security at Devoteam. Jørgen is an experienced and solid advisor capable of turning complexity into tangible, operational propositions. He heads up larger change management projects covering many different security disciplines. Jørgen has worked with security in Devoteam for more than ten years. Before joining Devoteam, Jørgen was responsible for IT security in the Danish National Bank after having gained hands-on experiences as a system developer and systems & network administrator in different companies, and he has vast experience within ISO27001, EU GDPR and SANS 20.

Rasmus Theede is managing partner at DigitalNations. Over the last two decades, Rasmus has served as a security officer in international companies such as Maersk, NNIT, KMD and CSC. Until recently, he was the Policy Director of the Industry Association DigitalEurope in Brussels and Chairman of the Danish Council for Digital Security. Rasmus has developed a number of security and privacy  tools, publications and courses.

All our tutors and guest speakers have at least 10 years of practical experience with cyber security challenges. 

A two day course for selected members of your security team or tailormade for your entire department. 

Cyber attacks happen every day. They are constantly changing, and so are the IT products competing to protect your organisation against the numerous threats. This cyber hygiene bootcamp educates security employees to implement behavior changing measures around cyber security and make the right security decisions every day.    

How do you and your organization keep pace? Managing security can often seem complex, but it does not have to be like that. DigitalNations' Cyber Hygiene Bootcamp fuels your organisation's ability to stay ahead of basic security controls that - when not in place - cause a vast majority of security breaches.   

This bootcamp - which can either be attended by employees from different companies or tailormade to your organisation - takes a hands-on, down-to-earth approach to IT security work. Tuition is based on practical examples, the ISO27001 security standard and our long-term cooperation with hundreds of European companies of all sizes. The course is based on your specific situation and enables you to use the new knowledge you gain directly and immediately in your business.  



Day 1  

  • Threats, myths and facts  
  • Management responsibilities - how?  
  • Protect what matters most - Identify critical data and systems  
  • Handling of personal data - and briefing on GDPR  
  • Practical risk assessment - prioritise your efforts  
  • Security aspects in relation to business partners  
  • The need for documentation - when is it enough?  
  • Security awareness among employees   

Day 2

  • Access controls, passwords and privileged users  
  • Change management  
  • Backup  
  • General data network protection  
  • Vulnerabilities and security updates of IT systems  
  • Protection against Phishing and Malware  
  • Physical protection of IT  
  • Efficient handling of security incidents  
  • A practical approach to logging and monitoring  

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Cyber Hygiene Bootcamps are being organized in other European countries on a current basis. Contact us here for more information about bootcamps in your area.