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Rasmus Theede

Rasmus Theede has held executive positions within information security management in leading multinational IT corporations for more than two decades. Furthermore, Rasmus Theede has served several years as Chairman of the Board of the Danish Council for Digital Security and is a renowned key-note and public speaker in TV, Radio and Newspapers.


Kresten Bo Nielsen

Partner, Digital Platforms


Kresten Bo Nielsen is CEO of digital communications agency, Rethink, with two decades of experience in online communications and services. Kresten Bo Nielsen is a pioneer in digital transformation and has served as board member of numerous tech start-ups.


Gitte Gormsen

Partner, Communications & Outreach

Ranging from telco over managed services vendors to full service IT-providers, Gitte Gormsen has - for the past two decades - held leading enterprise marketing positions in Denmark and across Europe. She a long track record of conceptualising technology areas and driving network groups and advisory boards, workshops and seminars on digital topics, and large conferences on various aspects of digital transformation.