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We create events with the purpose of inspiring businesses, organisations and citizens to unfold the potential of digitalisation in a secure way. We believe in high quality content that delivers a strong, memorable experience for people to use actively as they move along on their digital journey.

Let's cooperate if you:

  • NEED A STRONG KEYNOTE ON CYBER SECURITY, GDPR OR ANOTHER DIGITAL TOPIC: Our representatives give keynote speeches all over Europe and we also offer to engage world famous speakers for your next event.

  • WANT TO BECOME A PARTNER ON ONE OF OUR EVENTS: Including international events we are organizing across Europe with our partners abroad. Let us know where you want to go …

  • HAVE AN IDEA BUT NEED INSPIRATION TO TAKE YOUR EVENT TO THE NEXT LEVEL: We can be your concept builder, program driver, project manager, partner alliance manager, PR voice and even hands and feet when the event is kicking off ...

  • WANT TO RUN WEBINARS, SEMINARS,ADVISORY BOARDS OR ROUNDTABLES: We help you put the right people together in the right format and put the right topics in front of them ...

Contact us here with your thoughts, ideas or questions. 

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REPORTING FROM ADEA Artificial intelligence conference in zaragoza

In late November 2017, Rasmus Theede and one of our photographers went to Zaragoza, Spain, to participate in the ADEA Artificial Intelligence Conference hosted by ADEA. DigitalNations went on stage to speak about ethical considerations in the development and deployment of artificial intelligence and visited the exhibitors afterwards.