Free assessment and tailored recommendations for SMEs.


Even though the large companies often make the headlines when hit by security breaches, small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) represents more than 99% of all business.

SMEs are the backbone of the EU economy, but often don’t have the skills and resources to deal with the complexities of e.g. cyber security though it can potentially and severely damage their businesses. is especially designed for (Danish) SMEs as an intuitive and hands on online tool for non-tech business owners and their employees. We know that 90% of all cyber-attacks relate to security ‘controls’ that are easy and cheap to implement.

Based on a simple assessment, The Security Check will determine the SMEs current security risk profile, compare it to its current security state and provide simple and implementable guidance on how to secure their business.

The Security Check is co-creation with feedback from +1,000 Danish and co-sponsored by the Danish Government.

Security Academy’s purpose is to raise digital awareness and skills, providing free online tools for everyone, including SMEs, in all of the EU and in the world.


sddefault.jpg (The Security Check) is a free online tool sponsored by Erhvervsstyrelsen under the Danish Government.
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