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Our Purpose

Unfolding the potential of digitisation


The purpose of DigitalNations is to promote European innovation and technology, inspire European companies to explore new tech, and to strengthen digital skills across Europe.

Within the past few decades, the world has moved from completely analogue to fully digital. With nearly 200 billion internet-connected devices, most of us cannot imagine a life without navigating and communicating digitally.   


The Digital Age has arrived at a speed few of us would have predicted – as a result, we are often lagging behind in terms of digital skills and secure behavior.

DigitalNations want to change that by building education and training modules based on real-life experience to strengthen digital skills among companies, organisations and citizens.

Only by dealing with digitisation and security in a practical way can we unfold its potential and provide sustainable change of use methods and behavior. We also host events with the purpose of giving our delegates true digital experience that will take their digital transformation to the next level - in a secure way.

And finally, we head up crowdfunded projects and tools where you can be a co-founder and support our goal of, for instance, educating 2 million young citizens across Europe and help them get a safer digital life, as well as supporting the millions of small and medium-sized companies in their efforts to become compliant with GDPR. 

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