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Revisit the Copenhagen Data Protection Day 2018

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DigitalNatives is not just about learning - it's about changing behaviour.

Children and young people's lives are becoming more and more digital, both at school and at home. Digital life brings many benefits, but also vulnerabilities, which are brand new, especially for very young citizens. DigitalNations new DigitalNatives project will strengthen children's and young people's digital security awareness.


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DigitalNations welcome citizens, businesses and public-sector organisations across Europe who share our passion and interest in the digital world and the opportunities offered by digitisation.

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DigitalNations Launches new course in CYBER hygiene

Hacker attacks happen every day. The attacks are constantly changing - and the same are the IT products that compete to protect your organization against the many security threats. How do you and your organization keep pace? DigitalNations Cyber Hygiene training is based on your reality and enable you to use the new knowledge directly in your business.