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For a safe digital life for our children 

DigitalNatives is not just about learning - it's about changing behavior.

Children and young people's lives are becoming more and more digital, both at school and at home. Digital life brings many benefits, but also brand new vulnerabilities, especially for our young citizens. A number of European companies, councils and public institutions work together on the DigitalNatives project to strengthen children's and young people's digital security awareness.
DigitalNative's vision is that children and young people learn to safely navigate the digital world early on in their lives.

The target group is children and adolescents between 12 and 17 years.

DigitalNatives contains material directed at children, teachers and parents, as they all play a key role in children's development of digital skills, including security.

The education material has been developed in cooperation with professional teachers and training experts, and not least representatives of the children themselves.

What does digital actually mean? Watch below as we asked youngsters that question!

We need your support!

Let's give 2 million EUROPEAN CHILDREN a safe digital life in 2018! 

The goal of the DigitalNatives project is to give 2 million European children a foundation for a safe digital life in 2018! 

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Background - CodeX educated 10,000 children in safe digital behavior


In 2015, we initiated and drove the Project CodeX in Denmark. Over 10,000 young Danish students benefitted from participating.

The project was established in collaboration between several Danish institutions including the Danish Council for Digital Security, The Danish ICT Industry Association, The Media Council for Children and Young People, the Danish Agency for Digitisation and a number of private sponsors.

The project's vision was that children and young people learn to safely navigate the digital world early on in their lives.

The project included  5th to 7th graders from schools across the country with a total attendance of over 30,000 students, teachers and parents.

Each school class received free sets containing both printed teaching materials and e-learning materials. The sets contained materials designed specifically for the children, teachers and parents as they all play a key role in the young people's digital life.

The teaching material was developed in collaboration with teachers, educational experts, and not least representatives of the students themselves! The project required each class to "invest" 6 teaching lessons in using the material and set aside time for a test before and after the course. In this way, the students' newly acquired understanding of digital security was assessed and thus confirmed that the teaching process had worked as intended.

DigitalNatives - CodeX version 2.0 for youngsters all over Europe

DigitalNatives builds on the knowledge and experience gained from the CodeX project and includes a number of improvements. Topics include (preliminary):

  1. "The Digital Universe" - What is the Internet
  2. "Stalker" - About tracks you leave on the internet
  3. "My True Identity" - About your digital identity and how to protect it
  4. "Eternal Life" - The Internet never forgets. About sharing material online
  5. "Under Attack" - About hackers, viruses, phishing and other threats
  6. "Never Again" - About the good tone and consequences of digital bullying
  7. "My Money" - About cheating and scams on the Internet


DigitalNatives will start in Danish and English. Spanish, French, German and other languages will be added dependent on sponsorship. 

Updated digtial learning platform

  • New optimized digital universe (no printed materials)
  • Updated modern learning platform to include smartphones
  • Gamification - learning through games
  • Co-creation video for and of children and adolescents
  • Assistance to include teaching in school, with friends and at home