Our Purpose

Unfolding the potential of digitisation


DigitalNations was founded in 2017 by a group of people having enjoyed working together in large IT corporations across Europe. We all have a strong passion for IT and the value it can bring to citizens, institutions and businesses.  


We see cyber security as being the very center of all data and tecnology-driven development. Our approach to cyber security, including GDPR, is pragmatic. We see opportunities, we explore challenges and we believe that a lot can be achieved by using common sense and by motivating citizens and employees to change behavior around cyber security.  


We want to work with passionate people who share our views on digitalisation and cyber security and are eager to get their views and news out to businesses, organisations and citizens across Europe. We want to spend time with, teach and learn from people who put inspiring content, knowledge sharing and bridge building at the heart of their business 


Rasmus Theede
Founder and Managing Partner